Emotional Freedom Technique


Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it.


EFT is based on ancient knowledge used by Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Basically, what you do is tap on certain points of the body that are the beginning or end of meridian lines that run along the body. This action shifts energy blocked in the meridian. When the energy starts to move again, the disruption to the energy system is resolved, and the emotional charge or pain associated with the disruption dissolves with it.


EFT can be used for a wide range of issues which include but are not limited to:-

The secret to success with EFT lies in ensuring you have a defined target, and to aid in this, you use a set-up phrase to pinpoint your target. Here are some examples of set-up phrases you can use to tap along with. Some will not apply to you, but others will may carry an emotional charge even when you read them. Ideally, you tailor-make the phrase to go along with your specific issue. We have included some phrases at the end for you as a starting point.


Always begin the phrase with “Even though ...” then state your problem and then you end the phrase with something like “....I deeply love and completely accept myself” or “....I am totally awesome”. Add “...And I forgive myself completely” if forgiveness is an issue.

Have fun with this tapping technique and you will amaze yourself at how versatile it is. Some things will clear in just one session. Other things may take persistence to clear. For those who have the tenacity, tapping can become a wonderful tool that can be used every day.


IMPORTANT!    Never approach deeply emotional or very serious issues without the assistance and supervision of a trained EFT person.

Meridians: Are lines of energy that run along the body. These are used in Acupuncture, Kinesiology and other ancient healing modalities.




The Basic Recipe consists of four main ingredients. You do not always need to use the full recipe, but we have included it in case you need to call on it for stubborn issues that won’t shift with the short-cut method. Most situations however, do respond to the short-cut and so, in order to save time, you can just use the shorter version.

1 Set up Phrase: This is an essential ingredient. It helps you to tune into the target. However, if you are feeling highly emotional, you are already on target and no words are necessary. Just tap along and you will find that the emotion will subside.


2 The Tapping Routine: The basic series of points you tap on while stating the shortened version of the set-up phrase. eg - "This anxiety" or "This fear of Heights". Using two fingers, tap lightly 6 - 8 times on each spot shown in the diagram.


3 Eye Dance Procedure (Optional - not used in the short-cut method ): This is designed to ensure that the entire brain is present and focussed. You only need to introduce this when you are not getting optimum results with the short-cut method. I usually find that even when it is needed, I only need it once during the session. The brain then gets the message that you require its full attention.


4 Repeat the Tapping Routine: This time you re-frame the phrase to "This remaining anxiety" or "fear of heights" etc.


Please Note - you are not required to use the tapping points in any particular order. You simply begin at the top of the body and work down as it is easy to remember that order.

Addictions: The thing about all addictions is that they have a common bond. All of them exist in order to quell anxiety of some sort. The reason for the anxiety can vary from a bad experience in school to horrendous childhood abuse. By taking away the emotional charge on the anxiety, the reason for the addiction no longer exists. Treatment time will depend on the severity of the reason for the anxiety but, in many cases, the urge to smoke/drink/overeat can be quelled in one session.

Constricted Breathing Technique: This is something that many people don’t even know that they have but the freedom it brings into your life once you know this little trick is amazing. Use the phrase “Even though I have constricted breathing and I don’t know why, I love and accept myself completely.” OR “ Even though I have constricted breathing I love and accept myself completely and I let go of my contribution to it.”

Intention: Tapping without tapping. Sometimes, you may not be in a position where you can do your physical tapping routine. In these cases you can use your imagination to think about tapping on all the points.


Examples of when you might use this technique are:-


In the restaurant when the desert trolley is coming around.

MRI machine

In public (embarrassing)

Supermarket queue (when you need to de-stress)

On the massage table when you are in pain


Try it on everything: Whatever problem you have, it is certainly worth trying this technique to resolve it. With more complex issues, it is always better to do it with a trained professional as they have many ways in which to tackle any issue and this gives you more comprehensive coverage. Also, sometimes with deeper issues, there can be the possibility of your emotions overtaking you and then you are unable to continue. The professional will support you through these moments and ensure you return to a balanced state.


Thread it into your day. For chronic problems or for continued general health and well being, it is ideal to tap on a regular basis. Here are a few suggestions to prompt you to tap during your regular routine:-


When you get up

In the shower

In the toilet

Before/after meals

Before you go to bed

Before/after you brush your teeth

At red traffic lights


Distraction: Some people think that tapping merely distracts you from whatever it is that you are working on and so it goes away. Quite the opposite. EFT only works if you are focussed on the issue at hand. It works by clearing the energy blocks that have become a part of you and which are triggered by certain events. Sometimes these blocks are only triggered occasionally. But when they are triggered, it is like you are re-living whatever it is that happened in your past. When you tune into the problem, you are able to treat the problem as if it was happening to you in real time. This is why it works so effectively on past trauma because, in essence, you are treating the actual emotion experienced when the event took place.

Tapping for health and well being: There are some things you can do to maintain your good health if you are lucky enough to have it.

Here are a few phrases you can use while you are exercising or throughout our day as above.

“Even though my immune system is not operating at optimum...”

“Even though my metabolism could improve...”

“Even though exercise is not my favourite activity...”

“Even though my blood pressure could improve...”

“Even though my energy levels fluctuate...”

“Even though my liver is not functioning at its highest potential...”

“Even though my energy dips at 3pm...”

“Even though I don’t drink enough water...”

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Weight Issues

"Even though I'm a food addict...."

"Even though I'm, obsessed with food..."
"Even though I'm a sugar addict..."
"Even though I crave sweets at night..."
"Even though I have an enormous appetite..."

"Even though I'm a closet eater..."
"Even though I binge at night..."

"Even though I have an urge to eat whenever I SMELL food..."
"Even though I have a craving whenever I SEE food..."

"Even though I eat when I'm bored..."
"Even though I eat when I'm angry..."
"Even though I eat when I'm lonely..."
"Even though I overeat to hurt myself...
"Even though I eat to avoid my feelings..."
"Even though I use food to soothe myself..."
"Even though I overeat to hide myself..."
"Even though I binge because I think I'm worthless..."
"Even though I overeat because I don't love myself..."

"Even though I hate myself for overeating..."
"Even though I feel guilty when I overeat..."
"Even though I feel guilty about being overweight..."

"Even though I'm anxious when I sit down to eat.."
"Even though I associate food with fighting..."
"Even though I associate food with my mother's love..."
"Even though I feel unsafe without food..."
"Even though I eat to feel better...

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Deep Emotional Issues

These should only ever be approached with an experienced healer present.

Self-Esteem Issues

“Even though I feel inadequate...”

“Even though I hate myself...”

“Even though I am fat and ugly...”

“Even though I feel useless...”

“Even though I feel hopeless...”

“Even though I feel I am stupid...”

“Even though I will never measure up...”

“Even though I am not good enough...”

“Even though I will never be good enough...”

“Even though I am way too short/tall ...”

“Even though I am not worthy...”

“Even though I don’t like myself...”

“Even though I feel unlovable...”

“Even though I don’t deserve good things...”

“Even though I am not perfect...”                      

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Sexual Issues

“Even though I feel inadequate...”

“Even though I have a low libido...”

“Even though I have never had an orgasm...”

“Even though I feel dirty and rude...”

“Even though I was told sex is wrong...”

“Even though I was told masturbation is wrong...”

“Even though I feel bad when I enjoy sex...”

“Even though I have premature ejaculation...”

“Even though I have erectile dysfunction...”

“Even though I hate sex...”

“Even though my partner wants too much sex...”                      

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Learning Issues

“Even though I feel dumb...”

“Even though I can’t understand this stuff...”

“Even though I don’t get this...”

“Even though I have difficulty reading...”

“Even though I struggle with Maths...”

“Even though I feel I am stupid...”

“Even though people laugh at me...”

“Even though my grades are crap...”

“Even though I find science difficult...”

“Even though I am not musical...”

“Even though I am not creative...”

“Even though I am a slow reader...”

“Even though I can’t spell...”

“Even though I am not allowed to make mistakes...”

“Even though I hopeless at exams...”

“Even though I can not recall things I know that I know...”

“Even though I have developed emotional static that is fogging up my thinking...                     

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Physical Pain/Discomfort

“Even though I have this pain in my foot/arm/head...”

“Even though I have this icky feeling in my stomach...”

“Even though I have this tightness in my shoulders...”

“Even though I have this lump in my throat...”

“Even though I have this wrist pain...”

“Even though I have this restricted breathing...”

“Even though I have this rapid pulse...”

“Even though I have this jittery feeling...”

“Even though I have fidgety legs/hands...”                      

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“Even though I really want a cigarette right now...”

“Even though I just have to have a drink right now...”

“Even though I am desperate to have a bong right now...”

“Even though I have a strong desire to tranquillise right now...”

“Even though I just have to have a coke...”

“Even though I really need a cup of coffee...”

“Even though I am craving sex right now...”

“Even though I have to have this chocolate...”

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Heavy drug related addictions should only ever be approached with an experienced healer present.



“Even though I am unsure of heights...”

“Even though I am nervous of snakes...”

“Even though I am afraid of air travel...”

“Even though I have this phobia...”

“Even though I hate spiders...”

“Even though I hate lifts...”

“Even though I can’t ride on an escalator...”

“Even though I am afraid of water...”

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Extreme phobias should only ever be approached with an experienced healer present.


Serious Diseases

These should only ever be approached with an experienced healer present.

Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it.


For further information on this subject go to www.emofree.com